What's Hot: YOUTH FITNESS CAMP! Book now for your 13-17 yr old offspring and get them moving during the year-end holidays! 3 sessions per week with expert supervision will teach them fitness basics, gym etiquette, and proper form in doing exercises. Camp runs for 4 weeks from Nov 2nd to Nov 27th every Mon, Wed and Fri at 11.30am to 1pm. Teens 13-17 yrs old only.

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Group Training. Done Right. Reach Your Next Level.
Strength. Power. Control. Stability. Healthy joints.

Our science-based approach to exercise design is unique. Group training with weights, bands, and calisthenics. Effectively packaged in 60-minute workouts that always include proper warm-ups and cool-downs. Beautiful Joo Chiat studio. Our members are a diverse bunch of professionals, often with some prior fitness experience. Join us in Getting Stronger Together with advanced group training!

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Ann and Carol are a fabulous duo that bring a smile to your face in between the blood, sweat and tears! Their energy is infectious and they are always pushing and encouraging you to help you achieve your best.

The classes are challenging, yet Ann and Carol are always on hand to assist with form and technique, something that as a Physio myself I really appreciate!

Come along and join the Tribody Family!


13 August 2020

Great facility with classes that are challenging and varied, to keep you interested and motivated. Ann definitely knows her stuff and Carol is great at spurring you on to achieve your best.


25 September 2018

Rigorous HIIT workout routine very well designed for a whole body cardio workout and implemented with thoughtful coaching.

The facilities and equipment was spanking new and clean.

I burned 560 calories through the whole 60 min session and continued to burn 200 calories 15 min after. Ann led an awesome workout.

I enjoyed the workout thoroughly. A ‘Must Try’ location for HIIT buffs.


10 July 2019

Highly recommended!!! I am really glad to be back training with Ann....missed the TRX and band exercises that Ann used to train us with.

Whether you are a newbie or seasoned gym goer, Ann is the best trainer to work out with....she pays great attention to our form and tweaks the exercises to suit our ability. And enjoy the stretching exercises at the end of each class to relieve our very tight muscles.


16 September 2018

Great atmosphere with comfortable training facilities, awesome coaches and just super nice people slogging it out together!


16 November 2018



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