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Whatever the intensity or complexity, you’ll find a class catered to your fitness level.


All our classes start with a warmup specific to the workout of the day. Proper cool downs use stretches or Self Myofascial Release, so everyone leaves class feeling relaxed and calm.
Classes are different every day of the week, and the morning sessions are different from the evening sessions. Every few weeks, we rotate the programming to keep things fresh. Click on the class descriptions below to find out more.

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Met 60 (Monthly Boot Camp)

Hour-long outdoor Boot Camp at Parkland Green, East Coast Park (open field, near Starbucks). Come prepared to sweat buckets with buddy or team exercises and drills. Resistance bands, calisthenics, aerobic conditioning and team games make for a fun-filled morning.

All our classes start with a warm-up specific to the workout of the day. In some classes, Self Myofascial Release will precede the warm-up and in others, it will end in SMR. Most times, a cool down stretch at the end of the class leaves everyone feeling relaxed and calm.

$10 / person for general public. Free-of-charge for Members.

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