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Fit over 50!

Posted on 2024-07-11 by Carol Cabal

I started racing triathlons at the age of 51.  I was never really an athlete in my younger days except for my short stint as a varsity swimmer in my university where the only medal I ever “won” was a bronze for a team relay.  (thanks team!).  So former school-mates were cheekily shocked when they found out I raced individual triathlon events, and even got to podium with a trophy or two!

I am now 60 and have since retired from triathlons.  I still swim and workout at the gym 3 times a week.  People say I look good for my age and I’ve even been mistaken for a marathon runner!   😊  I like that!  😊 Anyway, here’s my take-away:  my goal is no longer to race or win medals but really more to stay fit-for-life, however and wherever life takes me from here.