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Fitness and Immunity

Posted on 2020-11-05 by Markus

As we all resume more and more normal-looking lives, it’s still key to remain … well, healthy. And in times like these, immunity matters more than ever. So, what does exercise have to do with it?

Moderate physical activity supports immunity, as many studies have found. But can you overdo it? Can too much of a good thing actually make you more vulnerable? A new study found that it appears not so. Exercise of any intensity looks to be good for immunity. And there is more: In the short term, exercise increases immunity. In the long run, it slows down ageing of the immune system.

So it’s important to get it on and keep it up – Getting Stronger Together also boosts immunity!


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Moderate activity boosts immunity PubMed
Intense activity does not weaken immunity PubMed