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Muscle power for a longer life?

Posted on 2020-02-26 by Markus

We all know that exercise is good for you. But what kind, exactly? New studies indicate a surprising result: the amount of muscle power is related to a longer life.

What is muscle power? It’s about how fast you can move (moderately heavy) things. That is somewhat  different from how much maximum weight you can lift (strength), or how big your muscles are (hypertrophy).

How do you recognize “power” exercises at Tribody Fitness? It’s all those where you do a timed lift, for example: 1 second to push upwards in a squat (muscle works fast in the concentric phase), hold 2 seconds, then 4 seconds to descend (muscle releases slowly in the eccentric phase). Or, explosive exercises, example, box jumps or everything called “plyo” – something. Think, explosive push-up with hand claps (yes, you may use bands for assistance – it’s about speed). These exercises activate a specific type of muscle fiber, and train a specific energy source inside that muscle fiber.

One word of caution, explosive power exercises have a risk-reward trade-off, especially when you’re older or heavier. For this reason, Tribody Fitness workout programming includes them in a measured manner. The periodization principle applies here, too – not everything is meant to be about power. And, as the linked article says, it’s not necessary to be top of the crop in muscle power. It’s enough to be above median in your age class to enjoy the benefits. So: Power up – with measure.

Source: Is Power Training the Key to a Long Life?