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Bands vs Weights … Why Bands are awesome!

Posted on 2019-10-06 by Ann-Marie Pereira

Ever since I made my acquaintance with flat resistance bands, I have become a major proponent of band training.

Many regular and fit-looking exercisers (but not Band users) who have set foot in Tribody Fitness get this surprised “OMG” look on their faces when they first experience a band exercise and even more so, a Band training session.

Here’s the low-down of Band Training VS. conventional Strength Training:

Band Training Programme

  • Trains in multiple planes of movement at the same time, forcing you to dynamically  stabilize your joints
  • Develops explosive power, especially in your hips where you need it most
  • Teaches instinctive abdominal bracing
  • Builds muscles naturally without the bulk
  • Kinder to your joints as you age.

Conventional Strength Training Programme

  • Mostly in a single plane. No challenge to stabilize your trunk / joints, might result in injury
  • Exercises are non-dynamic in nature
  • You need to put in effort to learn to brace your trunk to protect your spine
  • Depending on training phase and genetics, will create a more muscular physique
  • Higher chances of wearing out your joints, especially with prolonged heavy lifting

If you enjoy playing sports, be it recreationally or competitively, you need explosive power in your hips and strength in your upper body to…

  • Return a tennis serve or sprint in any direction across the court
  • Jump up a wall at an OCR / on a basketball, volleyball or netball court

Track or long-distance running also require hip propulsion force and a strong trunk and shoulder girdle muscles.

These are just some of the reasons why Band training is an effective tool to build your physique naturally and develop your athleticism.

Why do I love Band training most of all? Because it builds a strong body from the inside out and it makes me feel like a Superhero!