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How to swing a kettlebell effectively

Posted on 2019-09-07 by Ann-Marie Pereira

They may look easy, but Kettlebell swings are quite technical. It takes a fair bit of practice to swing the kettlebell in the explosive manner in which it is meant to be done. In my experience, many tend to over-think it and try to control the descending momentum. They would lift the bell up with their shoulders and arms. If your lower back and shoulders start to fatigue or hurt, you are doing it wrong.

Here are some tips to help you perform the swing more effectively :

  • Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width with toes pointing straight, or slightly turned out. Eyes looking straight ahead; not up or down.
  • Place your hands, palm up, at the crease of your hips and ‘chop’ your hips back as you fold your body forward. Allow your knees to bend slightly but not too much. A swing is not a squat.
  • As you return to standing, clench your buttocks tightly and think of pulling your knees upward. Stand up straight. Do not lean back.
  • Ensure that both feet are completely flat on the floor. Do not allow your toes to lift up at anytime during the swing.

When executed correctly, swings build exceptional explosive strength and power in your entire body. They strengthen your entire posterior chain muscles (hamstrings, glutes, erector spinae and shoulders). They teach you to brace your abdominals, engaging your core and stabilizing your spine.

The above are a few pointers to help you become more conscious. Never rush a swing and whenever in doubt, feel free to approach the Tribody Team. Let’s get stronger together.

Update: And now we have a video too!