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All you need to know about our new FlowStrong class

Posted on 2019-03-04 by Carol Cabal

  • What is FlowStrong?

FlowStrong is a 1-hour metabolic conditioning class meticulously put together by Tribody Fitness. It is a high-intensity whole-body workout. You will go from one exercise to the next with little rest in-between. You will continue to burn calories long after you finish the class.

  • What kind of exercises can I expect in a FlowStrong class?

The exercises will involve the use of kettlebells and dumbbells. You will also use your own body weight for the exercises such as push-ups, burpees, supermans, shoot-thrus, etc. You will do the series of exercises in 3 rounds.

  •  What “flows” in FlowStrong?

A group of single exercises are combined to flow into one compound exercise. This compound exercise is the “flow” station. The single exercises are combined together in such a way that they are stitched together seamlessly; hence the flow. With each round you do (total of 3 rounds, see above), your execution of the flow will become better.

  • Do I have to have frequented the other classes of Tribody to fully appreciate FlowStrong?

No. However, you will benefit more from FlowStrong if you have previously done similar exercises well-enough to be comfortable with the body movements involved. 

  •  What is the recommended “pre-requisite” before I do FlowStrong?

Having stable joints and strong ligaments would be ideal. In addition, reasonable experience in correct lifting and handling of kettlebells would be helpful.

  • I am not very strong. Would you advise me to gain strength first before I do FlowStrong?

Not necessarily. We have a wide range of weights available for all levels of strength.

  • I have weak cardio endurance. Can I do FlowStrong?

Yes, of course. You can adjust the level of effort that you put into each exercise. You can also slow it down or speed it up according to your ability. But you need to do the exercises the correct way – there is no point doing it faster if you do it the wrong way.

  •  What physical benefit will I get if I do FlowStrong?

You will have greater stamina. Whether you are an office person, weekend warrior or triathlete, you will be able to endure hard physical activities for longer.

  • Will my muscles get toned faster in FlowStrong classes than in strength-training classes?

No.  FlowStrong is a high-intensity full-body workout. If your priority is muscle tone, you would need to gain lean muscle mass and build your strength progressively. You can achieve this faster in a hypertrophy strength class such as our TriStrong class.

  •  I am a new gym-goer. Can I do FlowStrong?

Yes. Having gym experience is not necessary. If you have stable joints, strong ligaments, and if you know how to use kettlebells correctly, then you can do FlowStrong and gain the benefits. However, if you have not done bodyweight exercises (examples: push-ups, squats, pull-ups) or if you are unaccustomed in the correct handling of kettlebells you may find FlowStrong exercises difficult to maneuver.

  •  What is so special about FlowStrong? I mean… what’s the big deal?

FlowStrong is more than just a physical exercise.  It is not just another metabolic conditioning class. It is not just another high-intensity whole-body workout. 

FlowStrong requires you to memorize sequences, concentrate on your movements and to focus at the current moment. If you lapse in any one of these, the exercises will be ineffective and at worst, you may be injured. As a result, doing FlowStrong will also develop your mental acuity – this is what makes it special.

  •    Where did the idea of FlowStrong come from?

The inspiration came from the desire to do a choreography of movements using your own body weight, kettlebells and dumbbells. The sequence of movements were then methodically designed to make it appropriate for a class exercise environment. The objective was to move the whole body, engage the mind and, ultimately, to make both stronger in unison.