Teen's Group Fitness

What better way to spend school holidays than to get stronger and fitter!

Teen's Group Fitness

->focused attention
->proper lifting technique
->build exercise confidence
->strength and athleticism
Programme runs Monday, May 29th to Friday, Aug. 4th 2023
Daily class sessions of 60-75 min. Mon. - Fri. at 11.30 am
Teens are encouraged to attend at least 2 sessions a week.
10 sessions @$399/teen or $349 with group discount for 3 or more teens. Early-bird discount of 10% if you register and pay by April 1st 2023: use promo code EARLY10.
Please complete your purchased session blocks before Aug 4th. No refunds for unused sessions. T&C apply. Please ensure your teen does not have any medical issues that could be aggravated with exercise.
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60 - 75 min. workouts


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